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Bespoke Garden and Backyard Landscaping in Reno, Nevada

According to, there are over 102,283 homes in Reno, NV. Meaning there are many homeowners looking for the best landscape contractors in Reno NV. This also means that when you want your house to look the best in the city, you also have stiff competition.

 Many landscaping companies claim to be the best in Reno. However, the best way to know if you can trust these companies with your property and your budget is by looking at customer testimonials and internet reviews. 

Some of these landscaping companies can literally offer high-quality landscaping services, but since there are so many options to choose from, it can be a little hard to choose the right one. A professional Reno landscaping company will pretty much let you know, without telling you, if they are a trustworthy company or not. 

A trusted garden and backyard landscaping company consults you and provides the most precise estimate for your Reno landscaping project. If there are any obstacles in the project, they inform you in the beginning and also share if tackling them would make an impact on your budget. A professional landscaper listens to you and works toward your landscape goals when offering landscape design services.

If you think your lawn or garden might need a little or significant work, Cuauhtémoc Landscaping is committed to providing the best landscaping services in the Reno, NV area. Hiring a landscaper is an investment for your property. You deserve to make the most of your outdoor space and hiring an experienced and professional landscaper is the best decision you can make.

First Impressions Always Count

Your front lawn or garden is always the first thing that people see. If your garden or lawn is well-maintained and beautiful, everybody is going to enjoy positive vibes even if your house paint is a bit old and needs repainting. Green areas on a property tend to tone down the negative aspects around your property and bring the focus toward the landscape’s beauty. So, if you don’t have a mesmerizing garden or lawn yet on the front space of your property or you have one but it is not maintained properly, please feel free to contact us for garden landscaping in Reno, NV. With our years of experience in garden landscaping and backyard landscaping, we will help you make the best out of your outdoor space.

In case you don’t have space on the front side of your property, our Reno backyard landscaping service provides you with privacy, greenery, aesthetic beauty, and more outdoor living space.

We offer top-rated landscaping services in Reno NV, Carson City NV, Lockwood NV, and Sparks NV.

Why Hire Cuauhtemoc Landscaping?

Maintaining a garden and lawn requires a lot of skill and dedication, and the larger your property, the more attention is required. Most people in Reno and neighboring cities in Nevada don’t have the time or equipment necessary for proper maintenance, and that’s where our Reno landscaping services come in very handy. With our prompt and high-quality landscape design services in Reno, Nevada, we will keep your property tidy and beautiful.

Our Reno Landscaping Services Include:

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Landscaping Design
  • Sod Install
  • Decorative Rock
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Snow Removal
  • Tree Removal

Our Service Areas

We are proud to serve the following fine cities of Nevada with our quality landscaping services:

  • Reno, Nevada
  • Carson City, Nevada
  • Lockwood, Nevada
  • Sparks, Nevada

Do you want to get a free quote for our landscape design services in RenoLockwood, Sparks, or Cason City, Nevada? Call (775) 378-7373.

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